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Jane Doe

OpenDnD is an open source project for beginners and seasoned players alike; with tools for DM's, players, writers, and onlookers. With the OpenDnD project we are bringing a community together to share assets and stories for everyone to enjoy.

The project started in the winter of 2011 when I was looking for helpful insight into making my first session as a DM rememberable. Wizards of the Coast has a fantastic seclection of tools, but I could not access them while living abroad in China at the time.

Years later with my current group I took that idea and partnered with my now co-founder Drew Morris on opening a community up; a place to share custom campaigns, maps, homebrewed guides, and programs with everyone for free. It is my hope that the project will grow to a large centralized location that anyone will be able to use on their first time rolling the d20.

-Taylor Trotter

Jane Doe


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